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Status Company Accreditation Number View Profile
Accreditation ETDP SETA ETDPS1303 View Profile
Accreditation ESETA (Primary Seta) Ener-Dmgtt 510120216 View Profile
Accreditation CETA 5R55140 View Profile
Certificate Approval Department of Transport PrDP(D)2013/104 View Profile
Full accreditation HWSETA HW591PA0706081 View Profile
Full accreditation TETA TETA08-157 View Profile
Registered DOL (Department of Labour) Certificate number 438 View Profile

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Our customer base is drawn from most sectors of the South African economy, as the requirements for education as set out under the OHSACT (85 OF 1993) encompasses all but the smallest business in the country. We use only the best and most qualified Trainers available in this industry, with some trainers fluent in Black Languages. Our instructors are drawn from all population groups and are representative of the South African demographics. Naturally this is in the interest of all our students.