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About Us


• The members of DATAMATRIX are qualified facilitators/assessors & moderators, against unit standards, each with many years of experience being trained in, and training others in their respective disciplines. They have a deep understanding of the situations students are confronted with in the workplace, and can advise the appropriate course of action, not only from a legal standpoint, but from a practical view as well.

• This has enabled DATAMATRIX to provide the relevant training courses, adapted and enriched by personal experience, which gives us the advantage of providing a superior learning experience for the student. For the company paying the bill it has the benefit of equipping their staff with practical skills that result in the immediate improvement of the Health & Safety Standards and Skills of the workforce – and that translate into increased productivity through less accidents, fewer work stoppages, less time wasted by management chasing paper after an accident, etc.

• DATAMATRIX is registered with HWSETA and linked via HWSETA with a Memorandum of Understanding to at least 8 other SETA’S.

• Thus we provide training in any field of business.

o Our QMS (Quality Management System) has been approved by the relevant legal framework,

o likewise the Health, Safety and Environmental Plan and Procedures written by DATAMATRIX (available to our customers for implementation),

o and we also have two qualified ISO 9001 Safety Auditors who are currently being trained in ISO 14000/18000 requirements.

We save lives – We are excellent at what we do!

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Training material

We frequently receive requests for customized training. After the requisite site visits and process/content analyses, and using the customer’s unique requirements, the business drivers, etc, we construct a customized training course with all the relevant training material as well as the authorization from the appropriate SETA.




We are excellent at what we do!